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Fuck. That.

And fuck Lu Bu. How the fuck does this man get harder every time I play a new game with him in it? It's just not fair. I consider myself a seasoned pro, and in DW6 I can kill Lu Bu on Chaos difficulty in both the Hu Lao Gate and the Battle of Xia Pi scenarios with a handful of characters, including Lu Xun, but I cannot for the life of me beat him once in Warriors Orochi 2. AND YOU HAVE THREE FUCKING CHARACTERS TO USE AT ONCE IN THAT. It's just ridiculousness. There is no way in hell that a team of Zhou Tai, Ranmaru, and Motochika can't win against Lu Bu. BUT THEY FUCKING DO. EVERY TIME. I mean, what gives?

EDIT: Okay, it turns out that if I don't play on hard, I can beat him. It shames me.
Tags: club koei, cuntflaps, trufax, v. games, what?
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