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The past few days

Yesterday morning was strange. My mother and I woke up to find that there was no running water in the house. After freaking out about how it had to be my mistake and I must have missed a bill, I checked my online bill payments and found that I had paid the quarterly sewage and trash bill in the middle of April. Which means we weren't getting it shut off because I suck. It came back on just before she left for work, but the toilets were being weird and not flushing all of the water out or filling completely. I do believe I solved the mystery, however. As I was taking an alternate route home, I passed by the area where West Street meets Ryan Street and the entire end of the street was torn up. So, thanks, City of Gardner, for fucking with my water supply and freaking me out at five in the fucking morning without letting anyone know anything.


The night before was pretty boss, though. I heard tell that i_eat_bamboo was having Andrew watch some of my Naruto DVDs and since the only ones I own are from the Sasuke retrieval arc, I was all over that shit. I may have embarrassed myself. I just like to think of Andrew pretending to be Buffy in the middle of the yard outside and I feel better about myself immediately. He drew me a Shikamaru picture, however, and I can deal with him thinking I'm a freak if it means fanart is involved.

And I managed to finally buy myself an Xbox360 hard drive last night with some of the cash I earned shuttling my mother's friends back and forth from Boston. I have $40 left and don't want to spend it on video games, because I have about fifteen to twenty games that I own and have never played, let alone beat.

Maybe I'll just give it to my mother.
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