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People who say that the It's You choreography is the "gayest" they've seen from Super Junior were clearly not around for... well, all of the first album. And have never seen the Dancing Out MV. And let's not forget about Tic Toc (even though some of us really want to). You can't just say each new release has the gayest dance routine because all it does it make you look like the newest member of the fandom.

I'm just saying.

It's like how DBSG fans call every single new release "the best song they've ever done". I don't pay attention to DBSG's new music, like at all, but I'm telling you guys that it's just not logically possible for a single boyband to just get increasingly better on such a large scale every fucking time a new song comes out. It just doesn't work like that. They're either the luckiest quintet to ever walk the planet, or DBSG fans are so batshit, there's no hope for them anymore.

EDIT: Fuck, I totally forgot about SuJu-H, too. They were pretty fucking gay. Everything they did was an inappropriate amount of gay. SuJu-H >>WAYGAYER>> It's You.
Tags: cuntflaps, ok we can!, trufax, what?
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