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I had my MRI this morning. At 7:30. People shouldn't expect me to be at the hospital that early in the morning. And they didn't want me to use hair products? They were not mentally prepared for the sight that rolled up on them.

We got a letter from National Grid a few days ago that says that the electricity will be out for three hours tomorrow. From 10AM to 1PM. Ridiculousness. What am I supposed to do for three freaking hours? Take a bath? READ!? I kid. I love reading. Maybe I can catch up on book three of Dhampir.

Thursday is my next ultrasound. I hate ultrasounds. I hate having to pee without being able to relieve myself.

My mother leaves for her vacation this Saturday. She'll be gone all next week. Words can not explain how freaking pumped I am about this. Not so pumped about driving to and from Boston at the buttcrack of dawn, though, though. I've never driven in Boston. I hope I don't kill anyone.
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