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Dr. Robotnik?

So I had my appointment yesterday. I almost started crying when I realized that Dr. Hell wasn't there, because there's a lot going on with me and there's just no way that a new doctor will have the patience to sit through it all at once. But this dude was awesome. If I had to say he looked like a preexisting dude, I would peg him for a slightly older Dr. Robotnik. For those of you who have no idea who Dr. Robotnik is, check this shit out.

I pretty much love this man. He addressed every one of my issues, set me up with more flexeril (which pretty much knocked me out completely and I slept for a good, solid twelve hours, though I missed being on the computer while my mother was out last night), wants me to get an MRI and another ultrasound, gave me an antibiotic for my arm lump, and is talking to me about possibly putting me on some kind of birth control to help fix my lady issues. Which I know isn't related to my back at all, so I'm all good with regular (or no) periods and less acne.

I've been wondering if I could possibly change it up so that Dr. Robotnik is my regular doctor. I like that thought. Because Dr. Hell is, well, Dr. Hell. And very rude. D:
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