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Gary D:

Degac Creep: plus, I would feel bad replacing it just because it's broken
Degac Creep: it's my togepi D:
Degac Creep: it stayed with me when I was in the hospital D:
fruitykillertune: D:
Degac Creep: for like a month
fruitykillertune: D:
Degac Creep: me and togepi
Degac Creep: watching xena every afternoon
fruitykillertune: if pokemon and trainers existed, you'd definitely own a togepi huh. D:
Degac Creep: fuck yeah I would
Degac Creep: and I'd be having mad mad sex with gary pretty much constantly
Degac Creep: wait
Degac Creep: no
Degac Creep: then he wouldn't get anything done
Degac Creep: *sigh*

The sacrifices I make for love. D:
Tags: not cartoons, the logs of chat
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