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Driving me crazy D:

So, because it's taking forever (and will take another 22 days or so to finish) for my bimbo to get enough BA to level up, I've looked ahead for what she'll have to do for goals in the next level and hopefully I'll just fly through some of them like rapidfire after I finish this cocksuck of a level. According to the forums, level 19 has you buy the Heroic Fantasy suit, so I've obtained all its pieces except the necklace, though the level also requires you to have 500 pieces of clothing, and I only have 327 382. Level 20 calls for and IQ of 180, and my bimbo is at 157.4, so that's not so rough. However, level 20 also has another BA goal, which isn't cool, because it's another 30,000 more than the amount I need for level 18. It's like this site wants me to cry. Also, in doing some challenges, I came across this bimbo. Why does it look like she has cold sores? I'll never understand why people make their ladies look like this. D:

Moving on.

I'm finally almost done reading Make Love!* (*the Bruce Campbell way). It's not a very long book, I'm just reading two other books at the same time and it's taking forever. D: Plus, my mother brought home an R.L.Stine book for me two afternoons ago and I don't know what I'm going to doooo. I really want to read it because it's so rare to find one I didn't inhale during my young teen years, but I have to finish these other books first. As you can tell, I clearly need to get my priorities in order.

One last thing. I called my doctor yesterday to make an appointment and they told me I already have one set up for May 12th. Which is like two weeks away. And my leg hurts a lot. And there's a pressure in my head like you wouldn't believe. Whatever.
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