Liz, yo (oulan) wrote,
Liz, yo

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Dear Bleach,

Thanks for ruining all my dreams and laughing in my face by pulling the rank 0 espada out of your ass, thus making Yami more powerful than Stark. I was so pumped about the Stark/Shunsui fight because it was just so perfect and everything I ever wanted in life, but now it just feels like... so much less. So yes, thank you, Bleach. Thank you from the very bottom of my black, sarcastic heart.

Love (seriously, I do love you),

PS: Thank you, at the very least, for going back to the Stark/Shunsui fight. It pleases me so, so much. Additionally, This isn't cool.
Tags: cuntflaps, hollowtime, not cartoons, trufax
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