Liz, yo (oulan) wrote,
Liz, yo

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A couple notes

The Vague: I really, really don't appreciate being called ignorant just because I'm not into everything you're into. It's rude. I don't tell you you're fucking stupid when you don't understand what I'm fucking talking about because you're not in any of my fandoms, do I? No. So shut your ignorant, disrespectful mouth, you self-absorbed, "all-knowing" twat.

The Not-So Vague: SASSY, YOU FUCKING STINK. Jesus Christ, I've had cats a long time but never, NEVER has a stink lingered this long. You are one smelly, smelly cat. Wash yourself. Bury better. I don't care. Take care of it, cat.
Tags: cuntflaps, trufax, very personal
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