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Been a foul couple of weeks, I think. More foul than usual, anyway. I don't like making long emo posts because it makes me sound lame, so I'll leave it at that.

My new glasses came in on Tuesday and that makes me pretty happy. I didn't realize how much my eyes had changed until I got the new ones. I can see road signs perfectly now, and that's all I'm worried about.

Jen gave me this laptop to see if I could fix it. It seems like a hopeless case. The general mouse area is just fucked, but can be remedied by plugging a mouse into the back, which wasn't so hard to figure out, but she did a system restore before handing it over so I was installing the drivers and half of them are coming up with an error or messages that are something along the lines of Windows doesn't recommend installing them because they aren't approved or something like that. It's like, where the balls did she get this computer, anyway, that the drivers aren't even Windows-acceptable? In addition, there's two spots on the screen that flash when the back of it is touched. Which is weird. And a little distracting. The poor laptop only has two USB ports (which might be normal for a laptop, I don't know, because I've never owned one, but my PC has like ten so it's causing me issues), and one of them is always taken up by the mouse, so I can't plug in my external and my MP3 player, or two MP3 players, or both externals, which isn't awesome. Also (yes there's more), the power cord doesn't plug in very well. Like, every time I move it, it falls out of the machine, so I have to leave it set up on my desk. And the battery life is actually something to laugh maliciously at. So it's a sad, sad situation over here.
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