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Oh, Bimbo, you so crazy

I'm pretty popular this morning. Maybe it's because I vanished yesterday. It was a good day off.

Degac Creep: and the award for most ridiculous looking bimbo goes to....
Degac Creep:,1314748.htm
zzangbanghulweh: omg wtf
Degac Creep: I need to start looking at these bimbos before I accept challenges

In other news, my father is out of the hospital. He called a family meeting; something that we've never done because we're not that kind of family. It's failure was evident in the fact that only half of us four kids still live in the house, Charlotte was working, and Stephanie wasn't even aware that he was in the hospital. I need to stop assuming that she gets her information through the Charlotte → Tilly → Stephanie grape vine. Clearly, she does not. All he really had to tell us was that he needs to give us less money every week. So, not the best news.

Some texts between i_eat_bamboo and myself:
From: Elliot Salem: You missed out on Minato Monday! D: Where were you?
Tyson Rios: Dying
Tyson Rios: What the eff is Minato Monday?
From: Elliot Salem: :( you feel really sick?
From: Elliot Salem: It's new day for playing Naruto cards!
From: Elliot Salem: Tomorrow is Talka like Wakka Wednesday, brudda!
Tyson Rios: Oh, that sounds exciting
From: Elliot Salem: Oh, it is. I'm still planning Thurs and Fri. I know Sunday is going to be Lazy Shikamaru Sunday
Tyson Rios: Sounds like my kind of day
From: Elliot Salem: Saturday is "Out of my way!" Sephiroth Saturday. Because you have to see your mother on the weekends. 0_0
Tyson Rios: That pretty much made my morning

If I'm not around today, it's because of my back. It's especially bad today. I might take my pain killers as often as I can today. Actually, I'm pretty sure I will.
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