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The good, the bad, and the delusionally biased

Apparently, my relentless rant about this the other day did nothing for the direction this is being pulled. (Not that I really expected it to, as I am no activist in any definition of the word). And they want us to be understanding. I say, fuck the movie industry, fuck Justin Marks, and fuck anyone who thinks this is a good idea. We're looking at a four character cast here. Wander, Agro, Dormin, and Mono. Plus the Colossi. There will be very little dialogue and many, many shots of scenery. And if they skip or get any of the sixteen Colossi wrong, I'll just shit a fucking brick. And god help them if they try to add any, especially if they take any of them out to do so. I will murder people. I will go to where they are and kill them. With my hands. Sure, there are theories about the history of The Forbidden Land and what exactly Dormin is and how the Colossi are connected to him, but that's all they are. Theories. Part of the perfection of the game is the vagueness as to why Wander is there. Fuck, you aren't even told how Mono is connected to him and why he'd give his life up to save her. Half the fun is just thinking up what it could all possibly mean.

I am ripshit, in case you can't tell.
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