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A few matters for discussion

So my father is in the hospital. For those who haven't been around me long enough to know, my father used to be an alcoholic. He hasn't had much to drink since he stopped. Just a few here and there on special occasions. Like, the man is hardcore Irish, so a beer on St. Patrick's Day isn't unheard of. But apparently, he drank enough this time to land himself in the hospital. And nobody called us. After a few days of him not answering either of his cell phones, we looked up his home number and called him. His wife told us then that he was in the hospital. Thanks for letting us know, lady. It's like, I get that you don't like us and I get that you had a stroke and you're a crazy religious banana-obsessed weirdo, but come on. Let his freaking kids know what's up. What if he died? Would you keep it from us then, too?

Other things to note:

I went to Pickity Place for the second time last weekend and it was good. The food there is always awesome. But since it was raining and ugly and everyone was still recovering from the winter, the whole back area wasn't open for wandering. The store was open, though, and my mother and I purchased candies and a candle and that was good. And they had this hot spicy dip out and I ate like three pretzels of it.

I've been playing the hell out of Broken Bond in an attempt to make it worth the price. Honestly, and this isn't because I'm a Naruto fan, but the game is really, really well made. My enjoyment comes from the little details. Like with Rasengan, the shadow clone pops up every time instead of cutting to an animation screen and that really appeals to me. And the different jutsus with different activation tasks are nice, too. But really, does Konoha have to be that effing big? Finding gold coins in a place that huge is like torture. But it's fun. I like Kiba's races (mostly because I like to hold down the dash and make him run into carts and walls and into rivers). And I like playing as Neji. If I have him on my team, he's usually in front, though that's probably because this game likes to throw traps around like they're fucking confetti or something, and I always have to have either Neji or Kiba with me to get past it all. And way to go making Shikamaru borderline useless by giving both his abilities to other people so I don't even need to take him anywhere even though I love him and like doing the moves where he blows shit up. D: I've been bringing Kiba along more often recently, though, because I used him to beat the ninja cards for Itachi and Zabuza, and he was on his own for both of them because I was forced to leave the team behind for Zabuza, and I just left them behind by choice for Itachi. But he's good at staying alive long enough to beat the harder ones.

Cutting myself off before that ends up sounding too... obsessed.

It fucking snowed yesterday. IT FUCKING SNOWED YESTERDAY. WHAT?? It's April, Earth. Time to knock it the eff off with this bullshit snowing business. Also, Earth, let's get warm enough weather to melt those big ugly snow piles at Stop and Shop. They're creeping everyone out.

Listening to SotC music makes me want to play it. Again. #3 in my favorite video games of all time, yo.

Guess that's it for now.
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