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Oh look! A mine shaft!

I had to clean out my camera because my mother is planning on using it on her trip, so I figured I'd share the spoils of my efforts. Some of these pictures are very old. And by very old I mean from December/January. So not very old at all. But it doesn't matter because this is only like the best picture ever:

The slightly more normal version. The first one is the best one, though. D:

The elusive and rarely photographed mother cat + most of her kids.


My mother. She complains about this often but secretly she loves it. Nobody would reject Sassy's lovin'.

Helix + ... Coach?

Finally got the big empty wall's posters and pin-ups organized, then convinced myself to actually hang them all up. Couldn't fit them all in one picture, though:

If you're wondering about the random Prince of Tennis poster, I was going to put it on the other side of the room with the other anime-related stuff, but Tom-ass told me the space bothered him, and then after I put it up, he told me the randomness of it bothered him, too, so I left it. It's awkward. But I'll live.

My sleeping space.

Yes, in case you didn't know, I'm a Disney Princesses girl. D: PS: giant raccoon.

It's so good to have my man in my sleeping space again.

The Digimon poster needs some serious replacing. I've had it forever and it's gone through so much. D: And even though it's scary and makes the other posters cry, I can't bring myself to throw it out.

Just two particular signatures that may have gone along with me totally touching Toshiya. Just saying. I'm awesome.

And that's pretty much it. ^^
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