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On a Suikoden Tierkreis note, I just want to say that I laugh out loud every time he asks someone to *ahem* touch his book. I especially love the response right after Hotupa asks to touch it. Something like, "Oh, you haven't touched it yet, have you? Go ahead." My face was seriously like D: because for a moment my mind strayed to something... less than book-like. And let's face it, as much as I love the gay, Hotupa does not and will not ever fit into any mental images I am willing to create.

Pervy book-related creepiness aside, I am deeply in love with Jale and I am glad to announce that I am not picking up any dickhead Jowy vibes from him, and expect this BFF to stick around, much like Gremio did and Ted didn't. Except that Gremio died. You know what? Snowe didn't stick around either. He was like twice the dickhead that Jowy was. What is up with BFFs in these games? I guess you have to be soul-bound homosexuals like Camus and Miklotov to keep your BFF in the Suikoden world. Geddoe and Ace. Tai Ho And Yam Koo.

Um. I digress.

The prince in 5 got completely jipped in regards to BFFs. I mean, what options did he really have? Kyle? Lyon? They were hired help. Shit, they wouldn't have even been there if they weren't getting paid. Well, no, Lyon was found abandoned, right? I think I remember that. Whatever. That leaves Roy. I like to think the prince and Roy would be rock solid BFFs. They would get together to hang out and Roy would dress up as him and try to hit on Lyon and when she kicked him in the balls, the prince would just roll his eyes, chuckle and say, "Oh, Roy. You so crazy."

Mmm. Clones. Roy. Mmm.
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