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Not in the mood

I really don't want to go to PT this morning. Really. Even when I had my stomach flu, I didn't want to skip it this much. It's not normally such a hardship, but if she thinks she's going to put me through mechanical traction again, this woman had better rethink that decision because I will blow up on her. Liz draws the line at mechanical traction.

Also, Bleach manga? Why you so crazy? I have a plan for the next chapter. It goes like this:

Orihime gets over it; 1. because the hysterics are getting pathetic, 2. because this isn't the first time Ulquiorra has punched a hole through Ichigo's chest, and 3. he seems to be turning into some kind of released!Grimmjow-like hairbeast so he seems to be doing alright for himself → Orihime heals Ishida's hand because that fool can't do shit with only one hand. Maybe sew something pretty. Not beneficial to his current situation, however → Ishida and Orihime get the fuck out of there, because Ishida only has one hand (unless Orihime followed my instructions for step two in this plan), and because Ishida needs to face the fact that he just cannot beat Ulquiorra on his own, and a little bit because, as I said, Orihime's hysterics are ruining this entire fight for me → released!Grimmjow-likehairbeast!Ichigo kicks some major arrancar booty

Also, unless I missed something, I'm not entirely sure that the Stark/Shunsui fight was ever resolved, so I'd like things to focus back on that for a little while. Maybe for the rest of the manga. I would be satisfied with that ending.

EDIT AFTER 350: Holy shit. Look at that mother fucker! It's like... just when I thought he couldn't get any more badass, he has to go and do something like this. And hello? Cero? Fuck yeah.
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