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This is amazing

This is the second day in a row that I am in such a good fucking mood, despite being more sick that usual. It doesn't make the sick go away, but it does make me not think seriously about anything life-alteringly dramatic. Fuck, I even have PT this morning and I haven't had my tramadol and cyclobenzaprine in days because I can't keep food down and they ruin my stomach even worse, and I am in so much pain, but I'm in such a good mood. I even had a horrible night last night. I won't get into that because you really don't want to know.

I suppose the cause has to be a mix of things. Maybe it's the end of Totally Captivated, which isn't in itself something to celebrate but damn did I love enjoying it. I'll miss it long time. I should get around to hunting down an icon for that one of these days. And using this icon makes me want to reread Tokyo Savage, which could be exciting, depending on my mood. What the fuck am I talking about; I would give a leg for Tokyo Savage in a heartbeat. If Map of Tokyo Savage and Passage from Servant Boy were a person, she would be a six foot brunette with gorgeous blue eyes and massive tits who could spontaneously grow a foot long cock, look killer in a dress, out-skill anyone with a sword, and I would worship the ground she walks on, and give her both my legs if she even hinted that she wanted me to cut them off as an offering to her.






And I'm listening to the new SuJu album, which I won't post a play-by-play about because I never read those and don't have that much to say about each track anyway.

Or maybe I'm pumped about drinking cranberry juice and keeping it down. Maybe that's part of it.

So Twilight is coming to DVD soon. I am looking forward to spending a dollar on it at the Red Box so I can sit down with my cranberry beverage and laughypoo. Read the books? Ha. Ha ha ha. I have a feeling this is one of those situations where I just might get more out of the movie that I ever would with the books. And by more, I of course mean more lulz.
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