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So, in hopes that I would get back into Webkinz recently, I finally put the code in for one of the pets I had sitting around. I went with the blue jay because I heard tell of treetop rooms and, heck, I wanted one. The only drawback, however, is that I can't give him the Night & Day Bed as I had originally planned to, because the treetop room is outdoors and the Night & Day Bed is an indoors item. Sad. But my mother bought me a dragon Webkinz a few days ago so I'll give it to him, I guess. I assume it'll be a him because all of my Webkinz are boys except one, which I haven't even put in yet.

On the topic of beds, the blue jay was my tenth Webkinz so I got an exclusive bed. I went with what I picked out over a year ago, the Bookworm Bed, and gave it to Remus. As planned. Some of the other beds were really awesome, though. D:

Anyway. Pictures.

Some more screenshots of Rocket.
profile || after a bath || in the bird bath

The bird bath.

What I've done for his room so far. I stole the card lantern hedge things from the other garden so his room would look more full. The bird bath was his exclusive item. Everything else I just had in my inventory.

Remus's new room design. The Bookworm Bed looked awkward in the blue room so I spent a good amount of money on replacing everything.

Closer on the bed. It's pretty groovy.

And that's it. I'm done being an immature geek now. ^^
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