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Time for this to be done

Really. This sick is grating my last nerve. It's high time for it to be over.

Other things I want to talk about:

→ I need this "Twilight" phase on Miss Bimbo to be over. It's annoying and it's creepy. And it didn't even bring any good new clothes. Given, I don't know any of the character names and it seems a lot of the new clothes are named after them or something. I don't know, I'm just playing this one by ear. My point is, it's hard to want to make my bimbo live when they're stuffing Twilame down my throat at every turn. Also, Miss Bimbo, what is up with water being out of stock!? WHAT WILL SHE DRINK!? Soda? No, no. Homie don't play that way. She'll blow up like a freaking balloon.

→ Sorry, Sorry. Well. They've had better songs. They've had songs that were a hell of a lot worse, too. *COUGH*tictockandhaengbok*COUGH* It's catchy, sure, but that can be applied to most Super Junior tunes, if you think about it. That said, I really like it, but it's no Don't Don. And I listened to it all day yesterday. Not totally pumped about the new image, however, but that's another rant for another day.

→ I would very much like LJ to stop being such a cunt in regards to it's image hosting. For the past couple weeks, it's been deciding on it's own which images it wants to show, and which it simply wants to take a giant shit on. Refreshing the page does next to nothing, as all it accomplishes is forcing LJ to select a different handful of icons to defecate on. Now, as a paying customer (and one that has unloaded quite a bit of money, not only on my own account, but buying paid time, extra icons, and virtual gifts for others, as well), I really do expect my image hosting to work. I need it to work. A few days of downtime is acceptable. A month of dysfunctional features is not. Get on it, LJ.

Tags: bimbo represent, cuntflaps, ok we can!, s. vaginas, twilame, v. games
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