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As many of you probably know, I run kpop_uploads. And pretty loosely. Yesterday, I made a post asking for suggestions and opinions for things to change/add to the community. I left it open to all members so they could say anything they want and I would take everything into consideration, because I'm cool like that. But sometimes these people really test my patience.

I'd like to first point out two quotes from the paragraphs preceding the poll.
1. "I've always done the layouts for this community the same way, and that was to run polls for what artists everyone wants."
2. "You are welcome to suggest anything. However, I'll tell you now, a suggestion to utilize the tags system has come up many times, but is always denied, so unless you have a new argument for it that seriously outweighs the hefty cons, it will most likely get denied this time, too."

I figured this was pretty straightforward. These clearly state how I ran layouts before, with asking what ARTISTS everyone wanted, and it clearly explains that the mods have no desire to implement tags, unless you have a GOOD ARGUMENT in their favor.

My first beef is in the layout question. So far, six people have selected the option "Other (please comment)". Most of those people comment in the provided text area. I've made a screencap of it, so everyone can see what these people have to say:

Highlighted sections are from people who chose the "other" option.
Really? Really?? With the exception of the comment third from the bottom, which could actually fall under "other", what is up here? I mean, even if you don't know how I run the polls, I mentioned that the polls are for what artist the community wants.

But that point means next to nothing to me when it comes to the responses I got in regards to tags. I'll just let you look at the screencap. There are no words that I can come up with that aren't completely full of frustration:

As you can see, there are no new arguments. There aren't even really any old arguments except for the one about organizing.

This happens every time I try to connect with the members (of which there are now more than 10,000). There's always a handful of people who can't read or ignore me or go batshit nuts on me for saying anything about DBSG that doesn't directly translate to my worship of them.

*deep breath*

Maybe I'm just agitated because I have PT this morning.
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