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It is just not my week.

My back hurt so bad yesterday and I told my PT lady, so she gave me a massage~ It was good. I almost fell asleep. You know, if there wasn't some creepy lady there staring at me the whole time. Nothing sucks like random people watching you do your PT. Then again, when you're propped up in a chair and packed in with ice everywhere, you don't have much choice but to watch other people doing their exercises. I know from experience, but for me it's being propped up against a wall with electrode pads stuck to my back. I try to read but sometimes it's just more interesting to watch the large lady the next table over doing her weight lifting. I like that lady.

And today I have to go to the RMV because, apparently, the registration on my mother's van expired in January and nobody told me. The van also needs new plates. My daddy is coming to get me and bring me there. He's a gem.

PS: New mood theme. Didn't delete the AP one, because the next time I feel like I'm in a Christian Bale mood, I'm going to want it.
Tags: cuntflaps, my sick, shedevil
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