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A few updates here and there

My mother won't be returning home until about 9 tonight. I have a feeling this means I should try and do something productive. Which, of course, means I should do next to nothing and maybe make some icons.

In regards to PT: The girl I went to see and who did my evaluation wants me to come in every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:30am. And here I was thinking I'd only have to do this once a week. But twice? Fuck that. Hopefully they don't have me doing anything that involves bending because when I bend over, I feel like vomiting. Awesome.

I want a new mood theme but the thought of giving up the FF8 one makes me a little sad. I did see one from American Psycho floating around a few days back. Maybe I'll hunt that one down. You really can't go wrong when that movie is involved. Oh, Christian Bale. I still love you. Even though you have a dirty fucking mouth. You'll always be Jack Kelly to me.

Why can't anyone in the Dollhouse fandom make good icons? It's always bad coloring, awkward crops or uncomfortable caps. For real. Hook a bitch up. You know, a fandom is only as good as it's icons can be.

PS: You done been Rickrolled.
Tags: gunblades don't fire, my sick, shedevil
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