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A fandom post

This is a few weeks coming actually. I did my best to bite my tongue, but I miss fandom posting.

Alright, let's talk After School.

I think, at this point in my life, that it is totally unfair that, after all of my passive anti-girlgroup campaigning, a more than halfway decent girl act comes around, full of actually attractive ladies who are actually talented and interesting, but nobody likes them because they're all ancient.

It's like... when was the last time I liked a girl group? SES? BabyVOX? Papaya? OMG, ages ago. I mean, I don't like female artists in general, and usually reserve that part of my music enjoyment for classy ladies like Bada and Bae Seul Gi (you know they're classy ladies). None of this... short-skirt-see-my-underwear-but-my-image-is-still-'cute' horseshit. You don't see Bada or BSG talking out of their asses, constantly defending themselves.

I digress.

After School. I like.

Take that information how you will.

... Why does everything I write end up sounding like a rant?
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