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Last night sucked

Despite being in a good mood and feeling relatively well last night (thanks in large part to a tramadol/cyclobenzaprine mix), I woke up around 1:30 to some horrible, horrible stomach pains that refused to allow me to lay down without getting worse. So I spent the next two hours on my feet. I tried to make the best of it; drank some Pepto, took a shower, wandered and hummed for a while. The tune stuck in my head bounced back and forth between PoP Goes my Heart and that Pepto song and by the end of it, I was actually doing the pepto dance, too.

Eventually, my stomach calmed down... or maybe I just passed out. I don't really remember. I remember reading some of an original story I wrote when I was 16, but after that its all a blur until my mother woke me up.

Hopefully today will be better. Actually, I know today will be better, because the only way it could be worse is if I was bleeding out or dead. :)

To the catching up on Bleach, Batman!
Tags: hollowtime, my sick, not cartoons, very personal

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