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Because I had to comment

Idiot Twilight fans bashing Stephen King for being honest and stating the truth they don't want to hear or accept breaks my heart so bad. Like right in half. Right in effing half. Perhaps it's due to the fact that I was practically brought up on King's works and couldn't count how many of them I've read if I used both hands (but maybe if I included toes). Or maybe it's because I spent a week down the street from his house one time and now feel like we've bonded. (You don't have to tell me I'm delusional; I already know.) Whatever the reason, I am heartbroken.

If anything, this whole to-do has solidified my opinion that Stephenie Meyer is nothing more than a talentless, fame-seeking, borderline retarded waste of space and air who needs to GTFO of the world pronto. Or at least stop writing. Forever. And ever. I didn't think I'd want to not read these books any more than I already did, but it happened.

To put this in a kpop-like perspective, it would be like if Woo Hyuk commented on the fact that these recently birthed girl groups are just not up to snuff as a dancers and the fans retaliated by saying that Woo Hyuk is "just jealous" or that he doesn't have the necessary know-how to judge such a thing. At which point I would call shenanigans and post in my journal about how I'm heartbroken and scared that humanity really is, on average and in general, that fucking stupid.

So. Shenanigans. Heartbroken. Humanity stupid.
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