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Day from hell

Today, a Timeline:

5:00 - Get up, get ready, mom's lunch, avon
6:00 - Leave, get gas, drive mom to work IN WORCESTER (45-50 minutes away), then drive back
~ some time to shower ~
9:45 - Appointment with Dr. Hell (aka Nagarkar) so she can tell me nothing is wrong with me again
10:15 to ~1:00 - Go to insurance office, turn in old plates, switch insurance to new car, drive to the registry, wait there in line for a few hours, pay hundreds of dollars for registration, new plates, etc
1:30 - PT appointment they just called and rescheduled, thank god
~ some time to figure out how to pay for Tom's bus D: ~
2:45 - Drive back to Worcester to pick mom up from work

All I have to say, really, is: Thank god for Nair.
Tags: cuntflaps, shedevil, trufax
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