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Seriously, Dr. Nagarkar, I am not appreciating you sending me to physical therapy. If this is, indeed, fibromyalgia, which everyone around me but you seems to think it is, physical therapy is not only going to be very painful, it's also not going to help me. Nice. I love you, too. You can poke me in the eye while you're at it, seeing as that's one of the only body parts that doesn't hurt right now. Bring it on.

And mom, I seriously don't appreciate you taking your life frustrations out on me when I haven't done anything wrong. Turning the radio down is not, I repeat, NOT a crime against humanity or against any law ever written, so you need to calm the eff down and stop taking your distaste for your son out on me. I am not him. And I have awful headaches and you keep making me cry, thus making my headaches worse so thanks. Yeah, thanks so much for that.
Tags: cuntflaps, my sick, shedevil, trufax, very personal
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