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And so...

Guh, if anyone talks to Kigan can you ask her what her issue is with me, thanks.

I MADE A BUTTLOAD OF DIR EN GREY ICONS. And by "buttload" I mean eleven or so. If anyone is interested in seeing them, ask me, because I've got them all up in my webspace somewhere... all neat and tidy. Lovely little setup, really.

AND TO SHINTOTCHI: I totally moved all thos meev pictures elsewhere but when I did I added like fifty or so more so just ask for that link and you shall recieve, babe.

SOMEONE TALK TO ME. I'm bored and people have been avoiding me lately. I'll be on for another like... eleven hours so I'm sure someone will see this and rescue me. I suppose I could take this time and I dunno... use my 1,085 (click the number) pictures of meev to make some "dirty" icons as I said I would earlier...

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