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The sad reality: Dynasty Warriors 6 may be too much for my PS2 to handle. I should have figured this out when I put the game in and it sounded like someone was torturing my PS2. So I'll just have to pick it up for the Xbox, which makes me a little sad because I totally just got through Lu Xun's Musou and unlocked Sun Jian. And I finished Gan Ning's skill tree. Eh, it could be worse. At least I didn't unlock everything.

But now hopefully my PS2 will give me a little more time. It's having trouble with one of my controllers now. And sometimes it takes a little coaxing to read games. 2 1/2 years with this system seems to be it's limit. I am sad.

Dentist tomorrow. Just a cleaning, thank god. My mouth can't handle any more fillings.

Also, on a health-related note: According to my vagina doctor, the cyst is gone. However, I am currently missing this month's visit from Gackt and I am having terrible stabbing pain right where that cyst used to be. I have a feeling this ovarian cyst adventure is not quite done yet.
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