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I'm sure those of you who talk to me on a regular basis are aware that I've been MIA from the internets for the past week+, what with the holidays and my mother's accident. I'm really just dropping in to say I'm still alive and breathing and I thought I'd empty my camera and share a little of the experience with you fine folks. I haven't posted pictures in a long time, so there's a lot of them and they're severely outdated, but I hardly think that matters.

For those of you curious about my mother after my last post, here's basically what happened: She hit some ice and slid off the road into the trees. She had to pull herself out of the car through the window and got back up onto the road but nobody would stop for her, so she crossed the highway to a house that was there and those people helped her. She didn't have any serious injuries but she's still very sore. She's doing a lot better, though.

So I'll start with the pictures I took of her car.

Next topic of discussion is that awful ice storm we had a few weeks back that had me living at my father's apartment for four days. I took a few pictures the morning after the storm, before we left, so here they are.

This is actually this tree. It's in the neighbor's yard. It was bent so far that it almost touched our house.

Both of these pictures are of the trees in my back yard.

Some general destruction.

Crazy icicles outside my bathroom window.

This is the massive branch that broke off, slid down the roof and tore a hole in the front yard. We're lucky it didn't just tear out the power and phone lines.

Across the street. Those lines were just down and in the road. No fun.

And these two are pretty much dead.

Okay, I know these are from a long time back, but I never got around to posting the pictures from i_eat_bamboo's Halloween shindig.

I don't remember exactly what it was that Tom-ass went as anymore. I recall Aaron calling him a gypsy so maybe he was a gypsy hooker. Or an old lady hooker. Or maybe an old lady hooker gypsy. I don't know.

Clearly the best part of this picture is the hot dog.

My dog husband being a cutie-pants.

There was some cute aside from my dog husband involved with this shindig. Picture evidence.

Aaron and his cuntbag girlfriend. I call her a cuntbag because she listened to music the entire fucking night while the rest of us were having a grand time making our own subtitles to asian horror flicks. I mean, what kind of a cuntbag doesn't want in on that action?

Just a couple of fly bitches.

I don't recall what this dude's name was, but I do remember that I marveled in his ability to not only out-dork me, but out-goober both Andrea and myself.

Tom-ass gradually lost clothes as the evening progressed. He looked almost normal by the end of it.

I hate to distract from the cute, but, LOOK AT THAT EFFING CAKE.

Aaand Ryan slept. Good times.

Next, there's a few pictures of my kitties, since I know that's the part that excites people the most. It's only Grey, Lulu and Helix, though, so the Sassy fans will have to sit this one out.

My love. ^^

My god is this cat adorable. If this isn't cute enough for you, try imaging her trying to fit into a tiny little box of tissues. It's fucking adorable.

It may be hard to understand this picture, but he's chewing on my foot.

Lu looking particularly evil.

And one last shot of my boys. ^^

And to wrap things up here, here's a few last, random pictures that could only fit with each other.

This year's first snow. And my mother's car when it was whole.

I was parked behind this dude. I laughed.

Around Halloween-time, I took Charlotte and Steve into Leominster to look for jobs and while I was parked waiting for them, I spotted these creepy things hanging up all around the down town area. Creepy.

The convenience center machine thing in the women's restroom at Searstown mall. Every time I go in there and think to myself how convenient it is that I can access not only Bubbaloo in an emergency, but Spongbob toys, as well.

And last but not least, one of the more recent claims to my time and energy. Axel. It's all about Axel.

And that's just about it. Hope it didn't kill your computer. ^^
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