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Holiday write-up

I'm going to just do this by day so I don't miss anything. Though, knowing me, I'm going to miss something anyway. Oh, but first, I just want to thank hoyah and bulgocrazyi for the superfly Christmas cards. You guys are awesome. ^^

Okay, on with it.

Wednesday: Spent most of the day driving to and from Vermont to pick up Ian and Tilly to bring them down here for the holiday. It's 2 hours and 40 minutes each way. I had Tom-ass and Jonathan with me for the trip up so it could have been a lot worse and at least I didn't fall asleep. The trip back was way better because I loaded my MP3 player with songs Ian and I used to sing to together. Then I picked up Charlotte from work and spent the evening with a pounding, awful headache.

Thursday: Gifts. All kinds of gifts. 1TB external and Dynasty Warriors 6 are the top of the list when it comes to 'awesome', though Beatles Monopoly is pretty fly, too. Dynasty Warriors 6 confused me a little at first because I'm so used to DW4, but I'm used to it now and I'm pretty much in love. I've almost got Xiahou Dun's skill tree finished. And playing on Master is really killing me, especially on the Lu Bu levels. I just don't effing understand why he has to be so effing powerful. It's like the levels are totally easy and then BAM. FUCKING LU BU. EVERY FUCKING TIME. I'll run in there with a massive HP meter, completely full, with attack, defense, and max renbu temp items. I'll hit the special attack then musou attack and five seconds later, I'm dead. It's like there's no way to beat him. Ever. Well no, I did complete Xiahou Dun's musou mode so I did beat Lu Bu once. Once.

Friday: Spent the morning watching MVs and lives and Exploring the Human Body with Ian because she is internet crippled in Vermont, then I drove her and Tilly home. Got home after 7pm. My mother called when I was a few hours from home and told me to pick her up Chinese food when I got back into town. Bullshit. Jason called me, too and I feel really bad about not going over but I was so exhausted. Drank some wine and played Dynasty Warriors 6 for the rest of the evening.

Saturday: Fucking Lu Bu. Can I revisit this again? It's like... as much as I hated him in 4, I hate him seven times more in 6. Easily. Every time he shows up or talks or I see him on the map at all, I know I'm screwed. Even if I'm playing on Easy, which I fucking hate because I know I'm better than that. And it's not like everything else is hard; it's just him. It's not fair. It's not fair. After fighting with the game for a while, my mother and myself went to the BJ store. We bought eight Nightmare on Elm Street movies (though I guess the last one isn't a Nightmare on Elm Street, but Freddy VS Jason is cool enough not to be). After my discovery the other day about how wine takes away my headaches, she stopped on the way home and bought me a few bottles of wine. So I drank wine and we watched 3 and 4 (4 was my favorite from a long time ago) and it was good.

Sunday: Woke up with Dynasty Warriors 6 again. Started Zhou Yu's musou mode (on Hard) but Lu Bu killed me. Shocking. Watched Nightmare on Elm Street 5. Now my mother's gone to watch football at her friend's house so after I'm done writing this I'm just going to play some Sims 2 and drink some blackberry Merlot.

Sorry for taking so long to get back to everyone. I think my mother is working tomorrow so I should be on then. I think I got to everyone's Christmas posts, but if I missed yours: Merry Christmas! If anyone needs me for anything, just give me a ring-a-ling (number here).
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