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The plan

So today I have to get the oil changed in the car (finally), pick up Andrea from work, shop for Christmas dinner food, and then return bottles with Andrea. Then, I have to pick Charlotte up from work at 6:30 and take her out to finish getting stuff together for stockings. Then, tomorrow, I get to drive all the way to Ian's place in Vermont, pick her up, then bring her back here. And then drive her home Christmas night.

I also have to make sure the house is nice and tidy because Charlotte, Ian and Steve are all staying here for Christmas eve because Charlotte and Steve's place has no heat and I'd just have to drive out and pick them up Christmas morning anyway. And I don't even know if my father is coming, which would make it the first Christmas ever that he wasn't. I really will cry.

The good news is I'm getting Dynasty Warriors 6. It's pretty much what's pulling me through this. As pathetic as that is.
Tags: club koei, cuntflaps, s. vaginas, v. games
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