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Because its almost Christmas

So someone (Liz) is getting Dynasty Warriors 6 (finally) for Christmas, and she spent the morning getting slightly depressed while looking up character art and finding out that all of Wu (save Lu Xun and Zhou Yu) have aged something like twenty years, while most of Shu actually went back in time. This is depressing mostly because Sun Ce (favorite character) was such a hottie hottie and is now... well... not so much. And the tonfas are gone. I can't deal with this.

But the trailer with Zhao Yun vs Lu Bu? Saved the day.

I mean, maybe I can deal with Sun Ce as he is if Lu Bu is going to be that awesome (even though he still gives me nightmares). And, I mean, Gan Ning looks pretty badass. And Sima Yi. Okay I'm going to go swoon some I think.

BTW, Zhang He and his epic faggotry has, yet again, distressed the majority of my household. And it brought Nathan to tears.
Tags: club koei, roll the reel, trufax, v. games
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