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Hate. This. Long. Time.

Power's been out back home in good ol' Gardner, MA for four days now. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. Now Monday. This also marks the fourth freaking day that I've been trapped in ghetto-ville (Haverhill), MA. The living room, kitchen and bathroom combined are the size of my bedroom back home. Then there's my father and stepmother's room and closet. And that's everything. Thomas and myself didn't think we'd be here so fucking long, and it shows because we have no clean clothes. ^^

We have access to this ancient dinosaur of a computer, which I thought looked familiar and that's because it was our computer... three computers ago. So you can imagine my horror at finding out I'd be dealing with a machine that screwed me over something like seven or eight years ago. The thing is such a beast that it can't even handle Mozilla and I am forced, if I want to use the internets, to manage with IE. Let me repeat that. It can't even handle Mozilla. WHAT.

It doesn't help that my stepmother is borderline crazy and definitely unstable because of a stroke she had a few years ago, and spends 16 of the 24 hour days humming church and christmas tunes. It also doesn't help that on top of all this, I'm still fucking sick and she insists on me eating full, balanced meals three or four times a fucking day. Look, woman, I can't help if my body won't take the food.

Oh, Christ. Now she's reading the bible out loud. Like this could not get worse. No, it can. It can.

EDIT. How do I even fucking know these are church tunes? Christian camp, my dear friends. Christian camp. Two weeks of camping, swimming, ice cream and Jesus. Two years in a row. Listening to this woman drone on and on, it reminds me of why I had to get out of that. And... now she's crying. How can she even understand this crap? She is... weeping while reading the bible.

It's me + gay manga + trying to ignore this woman = surviving. Barely.
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