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Today's happy: Nothing. Sorry, today just sucked. I'm very sore. I didn't play video games, didn't make any particularly great icons. And the Chapter 428 spoilers were bullshit. There's no way in hell Konohamaru knows rasengan. Or that he can get Pain with it. No. After this fuckery, Kakashi better not be dead or I swear to god, this affair is over. Don't get me wrong. I love me some Konohamaru, especially after that Sai/Sasuke sexy jutsu. But this is just wrong. It's not fair.

EDIT: Maybe I know rasengan, too, hmm?? I mean everyone and their mother is whipping Minato's move out like it's cheese and fucking crackers, so why the fuck not me, too?

Jiraiya, I get. He was Minato's teacher. Kakashi, I get. Minato's student. Naruto... fuck yeah. Kakashi and Jiraiya's student... AND Minato's son. Konohamaru needs to get the fuck out of the rasengan party.
Tags: ilu saucekay, memeish tendencies
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