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Today was so fucking long and tiring. I'm sore and my jaw hurts so much. And I know I have a headache coming on. Really want to know how bad today sucked? Here's my happy meme entry for today:

Today's happy: I bought those cute owl genius socks at Walmart because me and Andrea call them the Shikamaru socks and my mother told me that I could get them.

Other good points: RPing and awesome Obito icons. Sadly, they don't beat these superfly socks.

Related chatlog:
oLeeTeuko: whatchoo doin?
Degac Creep: sitting
Degac Creep: eating a cookie
Degac Creep: my jaw hurts a lot
Degac Creep: but I want this cookie so bad
Tags: ilu saucekay, memeish tendencies, my sick, s. vaginas, shedevil, the logs of chat
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