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Today's happy: Obito. Obito and his ability to let me color him in without wanting to tear my hair out. Which is what Kakashi does. It's such a small, tiny happy, but today, I need it.

I need to call my insurance to find out the particulars of getting an eye exam, how much of my frames will be covered and who around here takes the insurance. Then I have to call the vet because we got a letter saying the food we feed our cats probably had salmonella in it, and that's probably why Helix has been so sick and we need to get him checked out. Then I have to call in a refill on my Zantac, even though I'm going to buy some Prilosec today to see if it works any better than this... even if it costs a small fortune. And I have to call the heating oil folk to service the heater. All of this would be fine enough if there weren't errands I have to run, too.

I have to go get my x-ray because I have to stop putting it off. And I have to get the oil changed in the van. And I have to drive Charlotte to work. And I have to pick up yellow trash bags and Prilosec. I was hoping I'd only have to go to one store, but if my mother found out I spent an extra dollar on the Prilosec at Stop & Shop just because I didn't want to drive to Walmart, too, she'd probably have my head. At least I can condense that trip because Charlotte works at Walmart and I can just pick that up there when I drop her off.

This all on top of the usual aches and pains, splitting headache, nausea, and I just twisted my ankle. Again. And my mother is going to expect me to do housework, too, or I'll get yelled at and that will only make my headache worse. I hope I can set up the heater service for tomorrow so I won't have to go into the basement and deal with the sure allergic reaction to the dust and just make Tom clean up when he gets home.

God, today is going to suck.
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