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To Clear a Few Tids Up

I finally got around to seeing the Raison Detre PV so now I don't feel so leftout during *cough* certain conversations. THANKS AGAIN SHINTOTCHI FOR TOTALLY MAKING ME FEEL SUB-PAR THAT DAY. No, for real, if anything it inspired em to get my ass in gear and get around to seeing these damn things. I mean, music = hot, the guys = hot, music videos that show the guys = really fucking hot. It just makes sense.

And this odd little thing is happeneing. Well, its a first time it happened to me so I'm not exactly sure the status of the odd, but here it is: I have said PV paused in the background of my windows and every time I'm browsing a site or viewing a picture with a lot of black in it, the red and green from the pv shine through so the black looks all fucked up. Really strange.

In other news, I helped niimura put together a MUCC message board in case anyone who reads my entries don't already know and enjoy them in one form or another. Link: . And that's how that goes. Personally, I think its pretty hot because... well... I made it BUT NOT WITHOUT THEIR HELP (niimura and kyosama [who should get a LJ so I can verbally beat on her more]). Plus, MUCC is like unknown territory for me. BUT I KNOW I'LL LEARN.
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