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Here's what's up

With the sick.

In regards to the Laparoscopy:
December 17, 4:00pm - Pelvic exam
December 22, 9:45am - Pre-surgery appointment
January 2, 9:00am - Laparoscopy
with another ultrasound (my new best friend) thrown in there somewhere.
I like my vagina doctor a whole hell of a lot more than my PCP. I'm just like... bring on the pelvic exam!

Also, my PCP put me on a new pain medication that may or may not actually cause me seizures (and a dependency, woooooo!), she prescribed me an antacid I've already been on and doesn't help, and told me, despite the fact that I wake up with headaches (note: sleeping, not actually using my eyes to focus on things), that my glasses might be the problem. I'm going to get new glasses to humor her, then I can go back and tell her she's wrong. Again.

And she wants me to get an X-ray of my back, completely ignoring the pain in my legs, shoulders, neck and jaw, because... well, I guess they're just not important. She also has plans to put me into physical therapy, which I've done before and, oh boy, is the fact that I'll be doing it again music to my ears. And I can liken that particular song to shooting myself in the face.

And she thinks I have Hepatitis. Fuck yeah. Fuck YEAH. Just what I need right now.

Hepatitis, seizures, narcotic dependency, constant heartburn, voluntary insomnia, physical therapy and surgery through my naval. Fucking awesome.

And by 'fucking awesome' I actually mean 'if I take six of these tramadols I'll die and it's looking like a good idea right now'.
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