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Mmmm. When I'm right.

Thanks to vanillacat's links to this and this, my day is off to a good start. Seriously, if one more fucking person tells me I need to read the books to understand the appeal, I'll fart in their face. I don't need to read trash to understand trash, thanks. (Although my own morbid curiosity has been surfacing a bit lately. I will not bend.)

Lots to do today. I have an appointment at 10 with my doctor. Woo~ That means I get lots and lots of painkillers or something equally as pleasing to my aching body. Have to take the van for an oil change. Also woo but not in a fun way. And I have to go Thanksgiving shopping. Even though I already have a turkey, my mother is like, buy another one because I want you to make it after the first one so I can make soup that's not crap.

Look, woman. Dad's turkey carcass soup outshines any bullshit soup you could ever come up with. Who can argue with leftover turkey, crushed tomatoes and rice? And those little bits of bone that sometimes pop up in the middle of the bowl? All part of the adventure, baby.

But woooooop, going to the doctor~~
Tags: my sick, shedevil, trufax
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