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Oh man, I got me Saku yesterday morning around 11 am and I am the happiest most happiest girl alive. That song... its like... gorgeous. Fuck GDS. Fuck Machiavellism. Saku is where its at. Actually, I shouldn't say fuck them because they're hot anyway... BUT WILL NEVER BE AS HOT. This puts me in a place indeed because I was talking to someone yesterday about how I could never pick a favorite Dir en Grey song and I almost had it figured out but now Saku shows its sexy head and what's a girl to do?

ANYWAY. Will came by at 11 last night. ELEVEN IN THE FUCKING NIGHT. People are usually sleeping at that ungodly hour but you know, not me because I was playing Dungeon Keeper... that game is fucking addicting, I tell you. So yeah, he showed up and tried to shove his way through the door after I opened it a smudge... bitch nearly took my bare foot off with the bottom of the door. I wasn't going to let him in but my sister was there and told me that if I didn't let him in I'd only be causing more issues. So I sat back and bit my tongue until he left. Said he was coming back today but... you know... everyone is sleeping right now and my mother is at work so I don't have to let him in if I don't feel like it. And I predict *waves hands in air all mystic-like* oh yes, I predict that that fuck ass won't be coming into the building this day.
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