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Just a bit of rambling

I haven't really finished a fic in a long time and, yeah, I'm forcing it but I think I might just finish this one. And that feels kind of good.

I do need to catch up on Bleach, though. I hardly even remember where I was when I left off. No wait, I remember. It was a brief filler and everything went to shit. Just lost my motivation. Bleach filler kills me. D: On another anime-related note, if I don't get Naruto 425 soon, I'm going to die. And why does Sasuke have tits?? Shikamaru sure is pretty these days. Oh, how I love arcs that don't center around Naruto.

According to Tom-ass, our annual Thanksgiving Day Square Fest is still on like Donkey Kong and I'm already getting excited for the usual reasons. I mean, it's only like the only day of the year where me and my brother sit down together and gorge ourselves on more Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross, Radiata Stories, Kingdom Hearts, Valkyrie Profile, Dragon Quest, Star Ocean, and Grandia than our bodies care to deal with on a regular basis.

It will be good.

Tags: gunblades don't fire, hollowtime, ilu saucekay, not cartoons, seasalt icecream, trufax, v. games
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