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When the wrong inspiration strikes

So I've been in a huge fic writing mood lately... but not for anything I usually write and it's slightly frustrating. I find writing out my thoughts enough of a drag as it is, but whole stories? Uuuugh. I've never had anyone tell me that my writing is particularly awful (with the exception of that one scary badfic, but that was mostly just me asking why I would do such a thing, but I always figured people thought the same way about it), so I always just let it go as "acceptable". Which isn't a bad place for me to be, but I would love to punch out a decent ShiHae or, at the very least, a self-pleasing YoungJae. But these days it seems my interests stray far closer to the anime world than that of sexy, amazingly untalented, yet equally pleasing Korean boybands.

I miss them sometimes.

But only sometimes, I've found.

I wonder if people still write Seifer/Irvine. That was a nice place to be. Always.

Also, I seem to be getting the plague again. Joy. Joy and Gackt, actually. He's dropping in, too.
Tags: my sick, not cartoons, ok we can!
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