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Meme time

Quite a few people on my f-list have done this, but the most recent one was hydeist_wannabe, so I'll just say I ripped it off there. ^^

❶ Name 15 of your LJ Friends.
❷ Then put your music playlist on shuffle.
❸ Each random song is dedicated to one of your friends. (ex. first song for the first friend, etc.)
❹ Ready? GO!!!

i_eat_bamboo - Eun Ji Won - Monologue
poofybit - 1TYM - Kiss Me
ametori - BabyVOX - Love And Ecstasy (English)
poetanarchy - Stabbing Westward - Sometimes it Hurts
hoyah - Pia - Velvet Field
taylormercury - Genso Suikoden Celtic Collection II - Mysterious Forest
bulgocrazyi - Lovehammers - Bulletholes
bukkakeinureye - UVERworld - just Melody
esotericwhisper - NRG - Funk It Up
iryokuatae - Orange Range - Hana
hydeist_wannabe - Drunken Tiger - Liquor Shots
chupark - JTL - Just Say Goodbye (Remix)
jaded_skys - MC Sniper - Better Than Yesterday (Feat. Mr. Room9, Baechigi, Ktcob, Mc Bk, Outsider, P-Masta)
spaceworrier - SOUL'd OUT - TOKYO Tsushin Urbs Communication
zumbie_kitten - Plastic Tree - Ghost
Tags: memeish tendencies, the tunes
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