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I've decided I can't put off calling my insurance people any more. I'm going to try to call them today, but the holiday might make it hard because some companies think it's like... a real holiday or something. And are closed. Even my mother has the day off. She's also not working Tuesday or Friday. I will miss you, internets.

I digress. I need new glasses. That could perhaps be contributing to these tension headaches. After I deal with the headaches, if that is, in fact, the cause, then it's smooth sailing and back pain until I get my internal ultrasound done, which just happens to fall on the same day as the Dir en grey concert, so I suspect I'll have to reschedule it anyway. Ultrasound can reschedule. Dir en grey can't. I've already gone over the crap side of rescheduling this ultrasound, but really, what else can I do? I'm generally pretty responsible so I think I should get away with this one fluke. D:

This weekend was kind of crap. Nothing much was accomplished except Andrea of the Emo tells me, by neglecting Link, he is condemned to sitting on a log in the middle of the woods.

ilu Link. D:
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