Liz, yo (oulan) wrote,
Liz, yo

On the topic of the Meev

Just a chatlog.
Cause I love chatlogs.
Proves I have friends.

niimura76: helloooo
Brute Locke: *mumblemumble*meevmiyavimeevermeevmiyavi*mumblemumble*
Brute Locke: *going into shock*
niimura76: WHAT
niimura76: OO
niimura76: *holds you*
niimura76: WHHAAAT
Brute Locke: I... I... have issues
Brute Locke: problems
niimura76: and
niimura76: so
niimura76: nothing bad is happening to the meever?
Brute Locke: nothing bad to HIM... its just what he's doing to me
niimura76: ...?
niimura76: oh
niimura76: miy-gasm?
niimura76: kyo-gasms are common in my house
Brute Locke: man... I can't sleep... I can't eat...
Brute Locke: I'm like a meev junkie
Brute Locke: <.< I'm asshamed
Brute Locke: heh typo

Heh heh
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