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The entry with a lot of tags

Headaaaaache. Always a headache. And the pain in my back... I would ask my doctor for something stronger, but getting hooked on pain killers is not something I need in my life right now.

Got hungry the other day for the first time in almost three months. I wanted to see it as a sign that I'm getting better, but when I almost vomited after eating some pizza, I realized that I'm just not ever going to get better. This coupled with the headaches, back aches, leg pain, sinus pressure, chronically swollen throat and throbbing pain in my right abdomen area leads me to finally succumb to the idea that I am really dying and I used up my miracles when I was thirteen so I doubt I'll survive this time around.

BUT. Walmart has Naruto cards. And I still need to buy and play Twilight Princess. And I want to own Suikoden II again. And I still need to cosplay Master Utan. And my bimbo isn't back down to her ideal weight yet. And Bleach isn't done. And Super Junior still only has 15 members. I can't die yet. I just can't.
Tags: gambling fish, ilu saucekay, my sick, ok we can!, trufax, v. games, very personal
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