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There it is

Went for my ultrasound just now. She said that the cyst area looked larger. She was making me a little nervous because she kept asking me things like if my abdomen ever hurt. Then she told me it was weird that I had a period while the cyst was preventing them normally.

And she wanted to do an internal ultrasound and I was like "fuck this, I'm out" (not those exact words, but a nicer version) and she was so nice about it like, oh sure, it's fine if you're not comfortable with it. Just talk to your doctor and see what she wants to do.

So I guess that's what's up. Also missed my period this month again.

Party on.

PS: Suikoden fic writers? Please write more Yuber/Albert.
There is simply not enough of them to satisfy me. D:
Tags: gambling fish, my sick, very personal
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