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I Love The Gay Love

Just finished watching Degrassi... and my god... at the end there... me and my sister were pleading with them to kiss. PLEADING. And it happened... it was only a kiss but a kiss it was.

AND OMG I SAW KING ARTHUR TODAY. Ok, don't read this if you don't want to know about the movie, if you haven't seen it yet, or if spoilers piss you off. I think I'm psychic. I was sitting there with my mother and munching my stashed-in honey and mustard pretzel chunks and I suddenly came upon a realization. I immediately turned to my mother and whispered "You know all these knights can't live right? I mean, Arthur has to live but the knights are expendable. I'll be surprised if three survive this movie." She shook her head and told me to watch the movie cause she knew I'd be pissed later if I missed something.

So that part where they're fighting on the ice came up and I turned to my mother again and whispered "This looks like a nice place for one of them to die." And she was like, "Don't tell me the story if you already know it," but I didn't already know it. Oh by the way, I should make a note about now that if I wasn't already going to name my son Tristan, I definately am now... god he was so sexy. I very well may be in love. ANYWAY so that one dude (I forget his name) died there after chopping up the ice and saving all their asses. My mother whispered to me, "You did it, you know, you made it happen. If you hadn't said anything, he'd still be alive."

So I shushed up about who I thought was going to die (although I already know from past experience how the movie world likes to kill off all my favorite characters so I knew it was inevitable) until the end when that huge fight happened. I looked at my mother again and she sighed. "Alright, what is it now?" she asked and before the sentence was even finished I started with, "Two of em. I know it. Two are gonna die and I have this horrible sinking feeling Tristan's gonna be one of em." Hey guess what? As soon as Tristan was off that horse I knew he was gone, but who was guessing Lancelot? Psh. After Tristan died (and it had already shown Lancelot get shot) I said to my mother, "You know he has to die. If Lancelot doesn't die than I'm wrong and I'm never wrong." And he died.

So we were walking out and I was feeling two things: Misery because they always kill my favorite characters and Tristan was SO COOL, and TOTAL AND UTTER HAPPINESS because I was so right about how many knights kicked the bucket. *Sigh* So yeah, that's how it went. Then we went and bought a new copy of Dungeon Keeper at Big Lots and I played it all evening.
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