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So I took a break from trying to locate the 2PM live I'm missing to throw together something for me and i_eat_bamboo to enjoy. After being saddened by the severe lack of Majima (of Yakuza) pictures in the world, and being forced to skip him in the set, I went where I told myself I would never go again for the sake of minimovie icons. Yes, the youtube.

And, despite my general loathing of everything Mark Hamill related, this has to be my favorite scene in the game. Because it's awesome. And mathafacka. Oh, Mark Hamill. Why you make Majima so awesome?

And now the result:
(again, mostly for Goldenthroat, because she'll probably enjoy it more than anyone who sees it... except maybe myself)
Tags: roll the reel, s. vaginas, shit i handle, trufax, v. games
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